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Creativity Thrives in Freedom

Breaking free from the traditional agency model, we established an agency that champions the autonomy to manage our time, choose our work havens, and fearlessly propose ideas.

Like a port, we connect independent talent to embark on each project, forming specialized teams that cut traditional agency overhead. The outcome: heightened efficiency that benefits our clients.

Join our crew and let's set sail together.



Federico Giraldo

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Founder & Creative Director

Leading a crew of independent creatives, Federico shapes compelling brands driven by a passion for storytelling and creativity.


With experience spanning agencies in Colombia, Argentina, and the United States, Federico has earned awards from The New York Festivals, Clio, Effie, and more.

His expertise shines in diverse industries including finance, education, fashion, hospitality, and politics

Beyond El Puerto Agency, he shares his expertise as a teacher at Miami Ad School, making an indelible impact on aspiring talents worldwide.


Valentina Londoño

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Founder & Social Media Director

A Physical Engineer who made a remarkable shift to communications, influencer marketing, and social media. Leveraging her engineering background, she skillfully analyzes data to improve social media strategies in real time.


She is the influencer behind @360Val, collaborating with big brands like Reebok, Hilton, Marriott, and more.


Valentina Londono's journey shows how diverse skills can create a powerful impact, proving that changing direction can lead to great achievements in the digital age.


Miami, FL.

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